5 Business Ideas For Starters- Vol 1

Talking about starting up a business, one needs capital. Sometimes we think to make it in life or to raise a business to get to the highest level that we need large capitals, forgetting that people who made it in life once started small.

In this Volume 1 of business ideas, I will be sharing just 5 business ideas for starters that needs just little capital and knowledge to start up.

With all these I will be sharing below, the best thing to do for yourself with the little capital you have is to choose one and make more researches about the business, what you need and how to start up the business.

Your mobile data shouldn’t just be for social medias or assignments, it can be used in learning new things. You might think you need money to learn all these but truth be told you can actually learn everything online these days just by watching youtube videos of how it works with the little data you can afford.

1. Home Food Delivery

Home food delivery business is the perfect business option for those who prefer to work from home. It is perfect for stay-at-home mothers or if you find cooking as a hobby. If you leave near markets and get all you need at a closeby market, i guess this shouldn’t be stressful for you. You can research more on how to startup a home food delivery from home.

2. Bakery

Here, you just have to first of all select the type of bakery you would love to venture into, your target market could be people that live around you maybe taking your product to a small or big kiosk around you will help more in booming your bakery business. You can research more on how to startup a Bakery business.

3. Fast Food

fast food restaurant business is one of the most lucrative businesses in any country. This is because, food is a necessity and at such no one can do without it. I must tell you the truth, here packaging matters a lot because how you present your business determines how far it will go. You can research more on how to startup a small fast food business.

4. Content Creation

Every business relies more on digital marketing and the content of your advertisement program matters a lot. You don’t have to go to college to learn how to create content(Talking from experience here), you can check online to learn more of what content creation is all about and how it generates income.

5. Day Care Business

Do you love caring for children? Does spending your day finger painting and playing with kids something you would enjoy doing? Then opening a daycare might be just the thing for you. This pays more if you live in an estate and can be trustworthy (nobody takes their kids to a stranger’s home unless he/she can be trusted and have someone that can testify for them).

I guess I have done my part in listing out all these business ideas, it’s now left for you to pick one out of all these and research more on it and how to startup such business or you can wait for my next volume where i will be listing another 5 business ideas.

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