PS5 secret weapon against Xbox Series X just revealed

PS5 could beat the Xbox Series X with streaming ‘instant demos’

The upcoming Sony PS5 could have free instant game demos for every available title, thanks to the console’s ability to quickly load and stream content. 

The source is Twitter account PS5 Only (@ConsoleTime), which made the claim in the post below. The account doesn’t cite any source though, only tagging the post as a rumor (via TechRadar). So take such information with a pinch of salt. 

If the claim is true, then this would be a fantastic feature for Sony’s next-generation console. When users can’t make up their minds about buying a game, being able to instantly try it out via streaming will hopefully help many PlayStation fans find the right games for them. 

The PS4 already offers PS Now, which allows the streaming of old and new games for a subscription fee. This isn’t up to par with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass however, so Sony really needs to build out the features to persuade more Xbox users to switch allegiance, or just to get more money out of its existing fans.

The PS5 has already been confirmed to be capable of downloading specific parts of a game (single player, multiplayer etc.) without needing to download everything else. Therefore it’s not impossible to imagine developers making another section for the free demo that could then be easily accessed through the relevant section on the PlayStation Store.

While this instant demos claim may just be speculation, there are some things definitely confirmed about the new console generation. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are expected to launch around November time, despite troubles caused by coronavirus lockdowns. 

Both consoles are also expected to have major announcements happen during May and June, which will hopefully include the reveal of the PS5 console itself, which has until now been kept under wraps by Sony. We’ve seen the Xbox Series X and PlayStation DualSense controller already though, and have learnt some key features for both consoles such as SSD storage and ray-tracing capabilities for better graphics

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