Doctor speak against accusation by COVID-19 patient in Delta State

A doctor who’s name withheld has spoke against the false allegation of the 5th covid-19 patient by name Umamozo Ijala in Delta State.

Accord to the doctor, he narrated how the test & the result is done & carried out.

In his statement, he explained that once a patients sample is taken, it’s been sent to Irua specialist hospital, Edo State, where diagnosis is carried out & due to the urgency, once the test comes out positive, they call the hospital that sent the sample & also NCDC immediately so they can spring into action before copying them an email of the test result.

The Doctor who made this narrative also said that the said lady who claimed not to be a covid-19 patient was diagnosed by his friend who’s also a medical doctor at Otor-udu, Udu LGA, Delta State

In his statement, he said the lady was not based in Otu-jeremi, Udu LGA of Delta State but was base in Warri, Ogborikoko precisely & there has been an incident case of covid-19 there. He said the lady wasn’t true in her words & lied about everything & even her home address. After many questions, the doctor who referred her to warri central hospital discovered she was lying & by so doing putting her life & others at risk. The doctor had to refer her back to warri central hospital where they have the capacity to handle her case.

In his statement, he made it known that when she got to Warri central hospital, she was told to wait so as for professional hand to attend to her but she was impatient & rude & giving everyone attitude. The octor who referred her was the one who later called for them to attend to her that he is suspecting a possible covid-19 case.

Her was was collected & tested & was confirmed positive before reaching out to her to be taken into isolation.

At this point, he made it know that all the lady said was a blatant lie.

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