I don’t have covid-19, one of the two patient in Delta State cries out

The young lady by name Umamozo Ijala who was said to have contracted covid-19 from Otor-udu, Udu LGA of Delta State, Nigeria has cried out to the Delta State Government to come to her aid as she isn’t positive to covid-19 & she’s been held against her wish.

The young lady narrated her story.

She said “I had strong cough & went to see my friend who took me to Otor-udu general hospital where I was tested & was told I had pneumonia. I have been diagnosed of pneumonia since 2004, August to be exact.

“The doctor referred me to warri central hospital as they have the capacity to take good care of me. On getting to warri central hospital, as they heard me cough, they all ran away & they refused attending to me & a nurse asked me to leave repeatedly, that I can’t be there. My girl friend approached the doctor but he said nothing & I also confronted the doctor & asked him, before covid-19, don’t you people threat strong cough but he kept quiet. I left, this happened on Tuesday 14th of April. I wasn’t on bed but slept on a bench till the next day, so I left & went back home.

“They called me to come back to the hospital which I refused but they pleaded & I went back but they did nothing until on Saturday morning which no one attended to me. The only doctor who came to me, attended to me from a distance & later did some test & ask me to go. I ask when I’m to get the result, they said they will put a call to me.

On Tuesday morning, members of the medical team came to my house & took me to central hospital & up till now, they haven’t given me my test result.

They gave me tea filled with so much sugar that I can’t eat it. I later ordered for lunch but they never brought it & I called my mom to bring food for me before they brought the food at past 7pm & they brought it through the convenience which I warned them not to do that”.

The young lady has said that the Ughelli local government chairman never came to see her & has pleaded to the State Government to come & see to her case.

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