Boko Haram, don’t come to Europe – ISIS

Ever since ISIS gave stand-down order to their lieutenants to avoid Europe because of coronavirus, I suspect Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa, who have sworn allegiance to ISIS, will not be terrorising Nigeria recklessly anymore. They are not scared of Nigeria army or any army but they fear coronavirus, Father sent the pandemic to them!

Abubakar Shekau

May Shekau’s next chewing stick be soaked with covid-19, may he chewed it and gather his fighters and preach to them for hours until his spit soak their bodies with coronavirus. Give him the strength to preach loudly and let his spit fly and reach father to the last man in the crowd. After they have been soaked, let them return to their camps and lie and allow the virus to incubate and yield.

In that forest, protect Leah Sharibu and other innocent girls that were stolen by the terrorist, just as you protect the Israelite during the plagues in Egypt. Protect the innocent children in the camp from the virus, as well as others who are there not by their own chosen. But the rest, give them coronavirus-Pro! Covid-20 or Buhari’s Covik-1-9. Anyone one, just send the virus to them and so that they can taste real Haram.

The fear of Coronavirus has led to ISIS issuing stand down order to their agents to avoid Europe and to observe health precautions because of covid-19. May God send the virus to them and their Nigeria faction Boko Haram and ISWA

And if they start feeling the fever, confuse them to trust in the medical expertise of the camp’s “Baban Aisha” and his medicine that cures everything from Cold to sin. Please, Father, make Shekau and his fighters dwell in flipping pages of the Qur’an searching for hair to soak and drink. Let them write verses on slates and rinse and drink them as a cure! We know it will not work.

Let them treat themselves for 14 days until the “c” in coronavirus turn to capital letter, Coronavirus. May it be terrible until it is pronounced not as Covid-19 but as President Buhari called it, like the password of a nuclear bomb, covik-1-9. In fact, make it a nuclear bomb in the chest of these terrorist and merchants of death until Sambisa cannot contain them any more.

And they cannot call Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC), because they don’t believe in western medicine, and are not Nigerian citizens but of “aljana Sambisa” where Shekau dwells in a palatial cave and rule supreme, and preach with Ak-47. Father, let coronavirus deal with them! We know they will try and sneak into Nigeria for treatment, may bullets from guns of Nigeria armies protect us from Sam is a coronavirus.

Father Lord, please have mercy on the law-abiding Nigerians, including those who claim to know you by disobeying their government and medical advises to honour the call of their pastors and Imams. Please, Nigeria cannot handle the pandemic – even the President cannot pronounce the name! Have mercy and sent the virus to the camps of insurgents. And let see how they will fight the army of microscopic arm-forces.

This is a national emergency, Christians and Muslims must join faith and pray that coronavirus should finish what Nigeria army couldn’t so without loss of lives – except the insurgents. May this prayer come to pass Amen, it is high time Shekau meet his end.

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