‌‌At the beginning of the month, the Princess Diamond cruise ship with around 3,700 passengers (between travelers and crew) was quarantined in water in front of the Yokohama city port, south of Tokyo. This is after knowing that a passenger who landed in Hong Kong was a carrier of the Corona virus virus.

The passengers were confined in their cabins to avoid contagion. And one of the measures taken by the Japanese authorities has been to deliver iPhone to the passengers. As we have learned, the authorities handed over 2,000 iPhone’s to cruise passengers.

If you wonder why iPhone’s were delivered?. Well, the Ministry of Health of Japan has an app that allows patients to communicate with doctors. The authorities considered that giving each passenger or family an iPhone with this preinstalled app would be the best way for them to receive medical advice.

iPhone 6s to monitor the health status of the passengers quarantined over coronavirus

The original idea was to deliver cheaper Android smartphones. But there were doubts about whether the app would work correctly on those phones, so iPhones were chosen. The photographs that accompany this article, taken on the cruise in question, suggest that passengers receiving an iPhone 6s, that is, a 2015 model.

Passengers are already leaving the ship. Passengers over 80 years of age, with any medical condition or with a cabin without a window are disembarking to be transported to a land facility where they will be confined until February 19.

We do not know if the passengers will have to return the iPhone’s to the authorities once the quarantine is finished. Although we assume that this is their last concern at the moment.

As of now, the number of death exceeds 1000 and there are over 42,000 infected globally by the coronavirus. Although no less than 25 countries have confirmed cases, most of the infected and deaths are recorded in Wuhan, China. All eyes are currently directed to China to monitor the development of the virus.

Earlier this week, coronavirus fears caused the cancelation of the world’s largest mobile tech conference, Mobile World Congress. Many new smartphones were expected to launch at that event.

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