Trump Ban to Nigeria – Nigeria #1 in the United State

The Trump administration has recently added five countries to the United States Ban list, denying them entry into the United States & that includes Nigeria.

As we know it & according to statistics, Nigeria is the most populous County in Africa, hold a population of over 100.98 million people according to 2018 census.

Nigeria is also Africa’s largest community with the most migrant in the United States.

According to America community service – ACS, 386,785 of US Resident report Nigeria ancestry.

According to the United States census bureau

  • 4% of Nigerians holds PhD. Which is compared to 1% of the general US population
  • 17% holds MSc
  • 37% holds BSc

Nigerian has proven to be the most educated ethnic group in the US

In the United States, 29% of Nigerians have graduate degrees which is compared to 11% of the overall US population according to MIGRATION POLICY INSTITUTE

4% of Nigerian Americans are PhD holders which is 3x higher than any other ethic group in the US

70% of black doctors in the US are Nigerian decent

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