8 Best Places to Visit in Africa in 2020

One of the greatest continents in the world is Africa. Africa is the second largest continent in size and is rich in only culture and history, but also both flora and fauna. There is religious diversity in Africa, as well. The most common religions being Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddism, Hinduism, and even Atheism. Africa has a wealth of natural resources and probably one of the best breathtaking places you will ever find in this world. The locals are amicable and hospitable. Africa is home to diverse flora and fauna that you will surely relish in. These are some great reasons why you should visit Africa. Let’s take a look at our list of 8 African countries you should consider visiting.

1. Ethiopia

Source: Forbes Africa

Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. This place is enough of a reason why you should visit ethiopiaevisas.com and apply for a visa now. Ethiopia has a diverse flora and fauna you won’t find in other African countries. The landscape and scenic beauty this nation possesses are like no other – you will surely enjoy traveling to the Simien Mountains, Blue Nile Falls, and the Danakil Depression. Furthermore, the cuisine here is distinct too. From the injera bread to tibs and drinks like teg and coffee – everything here is unique and indigenous to Ethiopia.

2. South Africa

Source: AtlantidaTravel – Opennemas

You probably never thought that you would ever see penguins on the beach, but in South Africa, you can. Not only that but in South Africa, you won’t have any trouble communicating with the locals because almost everyone speaks the English language. If you’re a lover of wine, then take a sip of South African wine; you will soon come to know why wine here is famous. If you love animals, then make sure to visit a safari park and look at the wildlife offered here. Did you know that you can even take an up-close look at sharks by cage diving?

3. Morocco

Source: Real Gap Experience

You need to pay a visit to Morocco if you are traveling to Africa. Morocco presents you with the best mint tea you will ever taste in your life. Not to mention, the food is fantastic too, such as couscous, harira, and tagine. Morocco has a tremendous architecture that complements the Islamic and Arab culture. If you’re a lover of cats, then you will be happy to know that there are many stray cats in Morocco that you can feed and pet alongside locals. You will find that life in Moroccan cities is very frantic. Make sure to visit the Sahara desert and some beautiful mosques when you are there.

4. Egypt

Source: Fodors Travel Guide

Egypt was once the land of the Pharoahs. One of the most important sites to see here are the pyramids, remnants of the ancient civilization that once thrived in this country of Africa. You can take a look at some amazing historical sites from above by traveling through a hot air balloon. Moreover, if you travel to Egypt, you need to make sure you visit the Sahara desert and ride on a camel. You can also go quad biking. If your not a fan of the desert you can go sailing in the River Nile. Egypt has terrific hotels and resorts for its tourists.

5. Kenya

Source: Discover Discomfort

Kenya is any wildlife lover’s dream. This country makes an excellent effort in caring for animals and the habitat they live it. The best way to admire the fauna of Kenya would be to take a safari car and traverse through the national reserve park, like the Masai Mara. Moreover, if you love birding, there is no better place to do this than in Kenya. The locals in Kenya are known for telling great stories and are always smiling, so make sure to mingle with Kenyans to know more about their culture, history, and heritage. Kenya has immense scenic beauty, so make sure that you visit the savannahs, rainforests, deserts, and even lakes.

6. Cameroon

Source: OPEC Fund for International Development

You may not have heard much about Cameroon, but its time you get to know this beautiful African nation. Cameroon is yet another country in Africa that is known for its diverse flora and fauna, said to have over 900 species of birds and 300 species of animals. Moreover, it’s the wealthiest country in terms of biodiversity. Cameroon is also has a diverse cuisine because of the essential French influence. The beaches of Cameroon are a dream come true – with crystal clear water, volcanic sand, and the perfect weather to take a swim in the open sea. Traveling to Cameroon is not so expensive, so make sure you include this country in your itinerary.

7. Madagascar

Source: ThoughtCo

Madagascar not only boasts varied wildlife but ecology as well. This place is the 4th largest island in the world, and there are all too many reasons why you should visit this nation. Firstly, Madagascar is home to 15,000 plant species. If you want to help save the environment, you have an opportunity to assist the locals in reafforestation projects. Unlike other countries, Madagascar provides its tourists with novel transportation opportunities like canoes to travel through bodies of water and sheep lorries to travel by road. The beaches and coastlines of Madagascar are stunning, and if you get hungry on the beach, you can always indulge in fresh oysters.

8. Tunisia

Source: World Travel Guide

If you’re interested in Mediterranean beaches and warm climate, Tunisia is a country you don’t wish to miss. Tunisia is a nation with plenty of archeological cities and rich history. The towns themselves are remnants of historical charms. Nevertheless, locals here are kind and extremely helpful. However, English is not widely spoken so if you interested in improving your French and Arabic, Tunisia will provide an excellent opportunity to do so. Apart from the sandy beaches, you can also visit the Sahara desert on foot or a camel’s back. Roads are of good quality in Tunisia, which makes travel by cars and buses very easy. Trains are also available.

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