Yoshitaka Amano Draws New Visual for Gibiate Anime

The official website for Yoshitaka Amano
‘s Gibiate
 anime series revealed a new visual for the anime by Amano on Wednesday. The visual depicts the characters Sensui Kanzaki and Kenroku Sanada.

Anime Expo will host the world premiere of Gibiate on July 2-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Gibiate Project, a global IP development group that includes Amano (Final Fantasy games), is developing the series. The group announced the anime at Anime Expo 2019 last July.

Amano is credited as the original character designer of the upcoming anime, while Naoki Serizawa (Resident Evil manga, Saru Lock) is designing the monsters. Yuzo Koshiro (Ys, Act Raisor) is credited as “Sound Creator,” and the Yoshida Brothers are the musical artists. The Yoshida Brothers will also perform the opening theme song “Gibiate.” Ryō Aoki (Girl Friend BETABONJOUR Sweet Love PatisserieEndride) is credited with project planning and the original story, and actor Hiromi Sakimoto is credited as a performer.

The overall project also includes artist collaborators such as Japanese doll maker Mataro Kanabayashi the Third, swordsmith Kunihisa Kunihisa, calligrapher and artist Sisyu, and Hideo Komatsu (president of the shamisen company Komatsuya Co., Ltd.).

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