“Your parents did a very shitty job molding you” – Bauchi Governor’s daughter berates Instagram users who ”disrespected Islam and Prophet Muhammad”

Your parents did a very shitty job

An IG user, Papi Chulo had his post taken down by Instagram after Bauchi State Governor’s daughter, Fatima Zara Bala Muhammad’s followers reported him for making hateful and disrespectful comments about Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

It all started when Papi Chulo put up a post on Instagram over the sentencing of Maryam Sanda. In the ensueing argument, he and others made some comments about marriage, divorce and the role of women in the Muslim society. Some claimed that Islam promotes violence, beating of women and is against women wearing makeup.

Reacting to the comments, Zara berated the users, describing them as people with “unfixable black and demonic heart” who know nothing about the laws and rules guiding Muslims when it comes to marriage.

“I ‘m actually worried for our future generation! If this is what we are bringing up as future leaders of tomorow then I m sorry we are walking right into destruction. Why tag someone’s religion? Go the extra mile to try an cause a fight and all. Some people are brought up so so so poorly…this says a lot about your home training. Your parents did shitty job molding you. I have a lot of Christian friends and I actually have relatives that are Christians but every religion teaches empathy and RESPECT” her comments partly reads.

See the rest of her posts below…

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