Newborn baby is found dead after mother placed the girl in a washing machine

A Russian woman is facing charges over the murder of her newborn baby who was found dead in a washing machine.

Russian authorities said in an official report that popular hairdresser Nadezhda Zavialova, 31, gave birth to her fourth child prematurely during the night. The next morning, her husband Denis called the ambulance after seeing his wife covered in blood, inside their home in the Talitsa, Sverdlovsk region.

A police source confirmed the baby had been put into the washing machine, and a murder investigation has been launched.

The woman, who has a son from her previous marriage, and two daughters from her current husband, and currently in hospital is facing charges over the murder of her newborn child which under article 106 of the Russian Criminal Code, she could be jailed for five years.

Elena Firtseva, a friend of Nadezhda, told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: ‘Nadezhda is hardworking and caring mother.

‘There was no reason to kill the baby and in such a cruel way. She told me that the child was born prematurely and was stillborn.’

Another friend told local newspaper E1: ‘I saw her recently when she was pregnant… ‘Maybe the family had some quarrels, but this was not visible,’ she said. ‘I would never think she could do this.’

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