Nigerian Islamic woman denounces Nigeria after allegedly raped by supposed Fulani militias on military uniform (video)

According to a Nigeria woman who was traveling with her family, was attacked by gunmen on military uniform, suspected to be Fulani’s.

In the nine minutes video she narrated how they were taking to a forest & was raped for 24 hours. She & her family was adopted for 6 days as New Fulani men were brought in and trained in the art of military tactics.

She was separated from her husband & 9years old daughter. She was placed with other captives. Another lady was carried out lifeless & buried in a shallow grave not far from her camp.

It was a small settlement in the forest. The where released after they paid the sum of eight million Naira. The armed men disclosed to them that the money was not made for them alone but also for their sponsors.

The husband who is a Muslim told the armed men that he can not consent to their demand of rape as he was told to choose between his wife been raped or his nine year old daughters been raped or a gay man to rape him. They told him, if he doesn’t comply, they will rape all three of them.

See video below

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