Twitter user explains how she discovered her father has others kids

A Twitter user has explained how she found out her father has other kids and why she’s cool with them.

@Sugarrbaby tweeted that she found out in secondary school about one of her half-siblings. The others, she found out about them outside of home. And she found out about the rest when “they showed up in church.”

She wrote: “When I was in secondary school I had a friend who was always telling me her cousin and I look alike. The cousin ended up being my father’s child. Men LMAOO.”

She added: “Lmaoo practically met all my half siblings outside.”

“It was my mother that sent me to school so I met my half siblings through my friend,” she explained.

When asked how she felt, she said that she was happy because she initially thought she was an only child.

She wrote: “Lol I was actually happy tbh. Lmaoo the joy of having siblings since I’m my Mother’s only child.”

One of her siblings also commented, explaining that their father doesn’t have that look so it was surprising to find out he had other children. She added that they met even more siblings years later when they showed up in church.

Read the tweets below.

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