‘Me and this body have been through hell’ – Singer, K.Michelle talks about her body image as she shares new photo of herself

American R&B singer, K. Michelle, who has had multiple surgeries to remove the butt injections that disfigured her backside, has shown what her body now looks like.

Taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old singer disclosed that she will go through another surgery on the 3rd of April to correct all dents while explaining that her body has been through hell.

According to her, after going through these health challenges God has taught her a hard lesson on how to love herself regardless of her body image.

She wrote: ‘Me and this body have been through hell the last two years. My self-esteem was jnchallenged and I watched people take advantage of me at my lowest point. I’m happy to say, I’m back! The dent on my left thigh is from the tissue being cut out of me.

I head back into surgery April 3 to correct all dents, but what’s most important is I learned to love myself with holes and dents and all! God had to teach me a hard lesson on how to love myself REGARDLESS of body image. It was a tough lesson but I passed the test. I know and love ME. It feels good! Try it out.’

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