One day, i drove into BOVAS Petrol station from Okefia area, the petrol gauge was on red alert, i had just N200 cash, nothing in bank. I thought it will be better to go park the car at home since i do not have means of refueling, i decided to fuel the car with my last N200 in case the remaining fuel won’t take me home.

As i approached the petrol attendant, i imagined how to buy N200 fuel😃. The car i drove was Lexus 300 SUV, so the kind of car was why it was difficult for me🤣.

I saw a beautiful lady petrol attendant, i didnt stop infront of her, i went to the guy next to her, just when i got infront of him, manager called him, so the girl i ran away from had to come sell for me. Chai😒

She: Are u using POS sir?

Me: No

She: How much should i sell?

Me (stammered) N200

She: N2000? (She thought she heard wrongly)

Me: No, sell N200 ( i was regaining confidence).

The surprise was written all over her, i looked away, she sold it and i drove off🤷🏽‍♀

Just around vanguard supermarket, an old friend waived me down and i stopped. He just left a restaurant, he had tooth pick in his mouth.

HIM: Wale you are big man o, It is jeep you are driving now, your money has come o.

Me: we are just managing ni ore

Hmmm how do i tell him i do not have a kobo on me? How do i explain i have not eaten any food since morning and do not have any means of eating for whole day? I saw some naira note in his chest pocket but how do i sit in a car and beg this guy trekking for money, he wont trust me, while i was thinking this, he said.

HIM: Wale come give me something nah.

Me: I have nothing here presently, if you give me i will take sef.

HIM: Don’t be stingy joor, you that is a big man🙆🏾‍♀😀 driving big car.

We exchanged greetings and i left on my empty stomach in car, he left trekking on a filled tummy. Life!!!

I parked the car at home and trekked to office. It took another two days to regain myself from low cash.

The point here is this. We assume people are rich from the items we see around them.

Many people had to contribute money (Owo ajo) to achieve some things you see them buy, some take cooperative money or bank loans etc and after buying the item, to people, they are millionaires while the person keep servicing the debt.

I bought something costly sometimes ago, and had to trek to office from home for over a week after buying cos i had no kobo on me after purchase, who do i tell?

I attended St clares Nursery school, osogbo. As at then, it was the best and most expensive school here, children of governor, kings and other notable people were attending same school, my mom was not rich, she was a teacher owed over six months salary by govt. she was always coming to sch to beg them to allow us stay, every time the school had to send home student for owing sch fees, we were always making the list till i finished. Today when i tell people school i attended. they say “wow” u people are rich oo. Lol. We were not but we struggled to stay in that class.

Some people buy car by contributing 100k per month until it was complete to buy 3million naira worth of car

Some people been building house for 10yrs gradually. When project eventually comes up, we think they are super rich.

That propietor of a big school may not be earning 1million naira profit yet. that guy who just built mansion may have issues with his kids school fees.

That guy riding muscle camry may be struggling to pay rent, that flourishing business on social media may not give income to the owner yet. The owner of a supermarket may be in debt. Your friend who lives abroad may have too many bills beyond him to settle

Don’t ever assume people are wealthy by the things you see, they can be low on cash. Many will tag you stingy cos u dont give them money, believing you are a big man, not knowing you are struggling to pay staff.

Things are not always as they appear. Owing asset is different from having cash. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Aso nla ko ni eeyan nla.

Don’t always feel bad for being broke, many people are in same situation.

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